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Nepal is known as the country of Himalayas. It has convergence of 1310 magnificent peaks of 6000 meters, including 8 of the world’s highest 14 peaks of 8000 meters.The easiest and safest means of travel in Nepal is by domestic airlines. Though, it’s a country of Himalayas, the air travel is very well connected to the capital Kathmandu.

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There are few major airlines in Nepal out of which Yeti Air, Buddha Air, Simrik Airlines and Saurya top the list by having a frequent connection to every part of Nepal. Some of the major routes are to Pokhara, Lumbini, Biratnagar, Lukla, Bhadrapur, etc. There are also frequent mountain flights each day offered by these airlines. Mountain flights usually last for 1 hour with mesmerizing views of Everest and other mountains in the region. We do offer cheap flight tickets across different sectors in Nepal.